About Attention Signs

Welcome to Attent!on Signs. I am Eric Riedinger, owner of Attent!on Signs. We have been giving people lots of joy and laughter since 2009 with my sign delivery service. Back then we were called Stork 1 Designs and it later changed to Attent!on Signs to better reflect the wide variety of fun signs we carry. Whether it is directional signs for weddings, political signs, graduation, pink flamingos and more — We’re on it!

Attent!on Signs is a local distributor of storkdelivery.com products, which allows us to provide quality signs and service to those in central Iowa. We offer free delivery to Polk, Dallas, Story, Warren, Jasper counties.

From the start our goal was to create fun, creative, inspirational artwork for yards and interiors. Our mission is to bring laughter and good feelings to our community, celebrating the important milestones of life. Giving a big surprise to your loved ones with an Attent!on Sign is a good way to do just that!

We have the pleasure of serving three types of customers:

Individuals who want signs placed in front of homes or in community settings. Check out signs and banners that will call attention to new babies, birthdays, Quinceaneras,weddings and anniversaries ~ or just plain spoofs (pink flamingoes).

Co-workers who want to celebrate office mates’ milestones like work anniversaries, promotions, retirements, etc. We have special event and Town Crier signs that can fit the bill for these unique celebrations.

Businesses who want to call attention to their stores, products and services for anniversaries or special sales. Check out our bouncy air dancers. Now that grabs people’s attention!

You ~ our customers ~ have been an important part of the creativity of our business. Whether you are individuals, co-workers or businesses seeking a unique sign, we are always open to your ideas and concepts. We want to be versatile and accommodate your needs in a timely fashion. If you don’t see what you need in our product line, go ahead and challenge us with your crazy ideas. Let us see what we can create for you ~ Contact me now!

Attent!on Signs is committed to timely, easy delivery and pick up service. Thanks for checking us out. We want to deserve your business and compliments.